Staff Wishes

We have organized the likes and wishes of our HPES staff.  Whether it is an Amazon Wish List, favorite colors, or things they collect, this can help you find a way to show appreciation for what they do.  Keep an eye out as we continue to update the list.

Amazon Smile Update:

As of February 20, 2022, Amazon has discontinued services and is no longer donating to non-profit organizations through its Smile program.  Thank you to those that have donated this way to the PTO in the past.

5th Grade Teachers

Mrs. "Frankie" Bates

Mrs. Brody

Ms. Contreras

Mr. Montalvo

Ms. Posadas

4th Grade Teachers

Mrs. Alexander

Ms. Jiménez

Mrs. Lambert

Mr. Lubman

Mrs. Tombosky

Ms. Quiroz

3rd Grade Teachers

Ms. Berard

Ms. Dang

Mrs. Duong

Mrs. A. Lane

Mrs. Maldonado

Ms. Morales

2nd Grade Teachers

Mrs. Davila

Ms. Herrmann

Miss Kinsey

Ms. Lowther

Ms. Muñoz

Ms. Osornio

1st Grade Teachers

Mrs. Mary Ann Horta

Miss Kelley

Mrs. Robertson

Miss Rojas

Mrs. Torres

Mrs. Baker-Watson

Kindergarten Teachers

Ms. Brightly

Mrs. Dyniewski 

Mrs. Hanson

Ms. Perez

Mrs. Rodriguez


Ms. Maurer

Mrs. Mendez

Mrs. Olga Sanchez

(EA with Mrs. Mendez)

Mrs. Peña Cabrera

Ms. Yaira Torres


Mrs. K. Ruiz

Ms. Garcia

Ms. Jorgenson


Mrs. Hynes


Ms. Kalala


Mr. Blair

(PE Coach)

Ms. Smulski

(PE Coach EA)

Mrs. Reyes


Special Education

Mrs. Ceballos

Miss Davis

Mrs. Pry

Ms. S. Rodriguez

Education Assocaiates

Mrs. D. Lane


Mrs. Kimbell

Ms. Sanchez

Mrs. Thompson

Mrs. Bastida


Mrs. Lehning



Mrs. Graves


Mrs. Barcena

(ARD Manager)

Mrs. Moreno

(Sr. Admin. Associate)

Mrs. Miriam Ruvalcaba